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Posted by Stephanie Payne on Mar 11, 2021 12:54:00 PM
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How to Experience The Villages, Florida in 30 Days

experience the villages fl in 30 days

Are you thinking about making the move to The Villages, Florida? If so, you're in for some new and exciting adventures. From the thousands of activities and amenities to the central location, beautiful weather, and numerous real estate options, calling The Villages, Florida, has been the choice for many.

The various lifestyles residents lead are centered on living life to the fullest and creating amazing experiences as almost nothing is impossible in this famous Active Adult Community.

Let's take a look at how to experience the best of the best in The Villages, Florida, in your first 30 days of calling it home:

You've Arrived

You're still unpacking, but that's okay! You've made it to one of the best places for 55+ living, and that's the most important step. Now, you can really begin experiencing all The Villages, Florida, has to offer as a resident. But first, do you have a golf cart yet?

We highly recommend exploring The Villages, Florida, via golf cart at least once as it's the community's preferred mode of transportation. You can cruise from anywhere in the community as it's fully accessible by golf cart. Learn more about the golf cart craze in The Villages, Florida.

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If you do not have your own cart, no worries! There are options for renting a golf cart for the day, week, or month. Pricing depends on how long you want to have the cart and how many passengers you'll need to accommodate. Don't be surprised if you eventually take the next step and purchase your own cart - it's worth it!

So, where should you start now that you're truly ready to experience The Villages, Florida? The squares.

Week 1:

Within your first week, experience the most popular hotspots in the community, the squares. There are three throughout the community, and each has its own theme (There's even a fourth square coming sometime in the future!). You'll find shopping, restaurants, events, additional services and be able to mingle with fellow residents throughout.

lake sumter landing the villages

Lake Sumter Landing® is a key west themed oasis and will make you feel like you're on vacation at a seaside village. Shimmering Lake Sumter is the serene waterfront you'll see and helps make it such a beautiful place to simply walk around. Complete with a dock, lighthouse, scrumptious restaurants & cafes, and beloved shops & boutiques, there's plenty to see and do inside or outside. You can even take a boat tour! Head behind RJ Gators on the boat dock and learn all about how Lake Sumter came to be.

spanish springs town square the villages

Spanish Springs® is southwestern theme and presents tasteful nods to the early Spanish settlers of Florida. The streets are lined with mature trees, earth-toned architecture, stores & restaurants, and magnificent fountains that truly add showstopping design elements. It's another great place to stretch your legs and take in the beautiful Florida weather. Dine inside or out as there are several delicious options here as well. See a movie at the Rialto Theater or attend a show at the Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center. The center presents various performances, including concerts, comedies, musicals, operas, and more!

There's actually a movie theater at each of the squares!

Brownwood® Paddock Square is western-themed and pays homage to the early 19th century Florida cattle towns. At the main entrance, you'll come across an impressive scene of a cowboy and 12 bronze steer statues - making it a popular and great place to stop for a photoshoot! This square also offers a distinctive red barn movie theater, countless shops & stores, and several restaurants of their own. At the heart of this square, find a cabin-like stage with stadium seating where nightly entertainment occurs.

brownwood paddock square_the villages, fl

Each square acts as central hubs for the community and serves nightly entertainment 365 days of the year. We recommend taking a day or two to explore each one, but you can always make it a weekly to do as well. Sit back and relax as this is only the beginning of all you're going to enjoy now that you're a part of The Villages, Florida. Explore more about life nearby the popular squares. 

Week 2:

golf in the villages florida

For your second week, try some of the activities and amenities The Villages, Florida, is so famous for. From playing golf or tennis to pool days, polo games, and thousands of activities and clubs - this category is the true bread and butter for this beloved Active Adult Community.

Don't worry about staying in the know with all the events and activities. As a resident of The Villages, Florida, you'll get regular updates on
what's going on throughout the community.

If you're an avid golfer or want to learn, there are plenty of opportunities to play and practice. You could play a different course each day if you'd like! Take your pick between 12 championship courses, 40 executive courses, 2 specialty courses, and 3 golf academies. Read more on some of the top golf courses to play & live near. 

experience the villages, fl in 30 days

Spend time playing tennis, pickleball, or partaking in several sports and activities. There are recreation centers and facilities throughout the community, including indoor options. There is likely a center or even two nearby your new home!

Whether you enjoy softball, archery, swimming, wood-working, playing cards, or arts & crafts, you'll be sure to find something
that sparks your interest.

Plus, there are over 2,500 social clubs in The Villages, Florida, to choose from as well. These are great for enjoying your favorite hobbies, starting new ones, and meeting your fellow 'Villagers!' Head to one of the bowling alleys in the area a day or see if there's a polo game coming up that week. The stadium is impressive, and tailgating is a must. See how joining a club in The Villages, Florida, can help make you feel right at home.

New Call-to-action

No matter if you are looking to get outside or relax inside, this week will be all about being active, and that doesn't necessarily mean exercise. You can be as 'active' as you want, or as little, but the options are always there - that's the beauty of The Villages, Florida.

Week 3:

trails in the villages, fl

Florida is a fabulous place to call home, and its location in Central Florida adds a little something extra as well. The terrain and natural scenery are diverse and truly unlike any other part of Florida, and The Villages, Florida, is no different.

Take some time for the great outdoors and nature. Explore the many trails and pathways found throughout this beautiful community. Each trail or pathway is marked with its intended use, so you don't have to worry about guessing what you can and can't do. One, in particular, is The Village of Fenney and its trails. It borders the Reader Wildlife Preserve, boasts a peaceful natural setting and a wildlife haven, so be sure to bring your binoculars this day!

There are also several options for exploring the outdoors via Lake Sumter. You can rent a kayak or canoe, and they even have guided tours. Learn about the environment and ecosystem on a 2-hour pontoon boat tour or try your luck at fishing with a catch and release tour.

the villages, fl polo stadium

Enjoying a nice picnic one day is also a popular thing to do. Relax at one of the many parks in the area, or even head to the polo stadium and find a nice shaded spot!

Do you have fur babies? There are many dog parks
throughout The Villages, Florida, too. Read more here!

Week 4:

the villages_clubs to join

You're now coming up on a month of calling The Villages, Florida, home! Hopefully, you're starting to get a feel for your way around and have found a few favorite activities that fit you.

a map of the villages, fl

This week though, get to know more of the pathways and communities. The Villages, Florida, spans into three counties and has several zip codes, so there's still so much you can do and see, making it the perfect place for cruising and sightseeing. Two of the main roads running north to south are Morse Blvd and Lake Buena Vista Blvd. El Camino and 466A are a few of the other main roads that run east to west. If you're ever turned around, these are good landmarks to be on the lookout for and help connect you to what you're looking for in some form or fashion.

The Villages, Florida, covers over 33,000 acres!

Overall, there are tons of roadways, pathways, and bridges throughout this community, and exploring by golf cart or vehicle will be two different experiences. No matter what you chose, we recommend having a map of The Villages, Florida, with you. You can purchase one at any Publix in the area. Having a compass with you is a common item for residents as well. As long as you have an idea of which direction you are traveling, you will be able to navigate your way around with ease. Learn more about some of the recent connectors being added to The Villages, Florida. 

Calling The Villages, Florida Home

accessibility in the villages, fl

Moving to The Villages, Florida, is one of the best decisions you can make if you're looking for top 55+ living and one-of-a-kind experiences. The community was designed and is focused on connectivity. It's a wonderful place to call home, from the amenities to the real estate options and beyond. With this 30-day guide, we hope your introduction to being a resident of The Villages, Florida, is a smooth and exciting transition!

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