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Posted by Stephanie Payne on Apr 4, 2019 3:27:51 PM
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99+ Insider Facts About The Villages, Florida

Built with a vision of being unique, The Villages, Florida is truly unlike any other community. From spanning into three counties to consistently attracting residents from all over the world on a daily basis – there are no signs of this famous Active Adult Community slowing down any time soon!

But what makes life and Real Estate in The Villages, Florida so amazing and desirable? We’ve put together 100 insider facts to help shed a little more light on this beloved 55+ community:

The Villages, Florida Lifestyle

One of our favorite aspects of The Villages, Florida are the clubs and activities available all throughout the community. There is really something for everyone when it comes to your preferred activities calendar!

the villages fl lifestyle

1. The most recent count of clubs and activities within The Villages, Florida community landed at over 2,500, some even say it’s over 3,000! Learn more for all the details on clubs.

2. Over 200,000 volunteer hours have gone into the lifestyle clubs within The Villages, Florida.

3. The largest “Red Hats” group of chapters in the country is located here!

4. Fitness sports are very popular in The Villages, Florida too. There are clubs for triathlons, running, and cycling! Some residents even participate together in competitions throughout Central Florida.

5. Can you guess what the most popular indoor sport in The Villages, Florida is? Bowling! With 80+ leagues, options vary from beginner to experienced!

the villages florida homes for sale

6. Numerous art shows and clubs are available from basic drawings to pottery.

7. Sports, sports, and more sports clubs! With residents from all over the country and even internationally plus over 30 sports fan clubs, finding even more folks who love your favorite team(s) is easy!

8. In today’s world, technology advancements and the style of communication is forever evolving and progressing pretty quickly. It’s a good thing there are a plethora of clubs focused on this topic in The Villages, Florida. From social media to Apple and PC devices, you can stay in the know!

9. There’s a club devoted to treasure hunting and they even provide a pretty helpful service too. Members of the metal detecting club will come help residents find lost items!

10. There are three local libraries located in The Villages, Florida.

11. There are also a number of clubs that don't fall into a traditional category such as the "Are you smarter than a 5th grader” club. 

Hotspots & Entertainment

The Villages, Florida’s famous entertainment has become one of the most popular things about the area. When residents are looking for something to do, they don’t have to travel far as there is always something happening right in this vibrant community!

brownwood the villages fl

12. There are three town squares located within The Villages, Florida and they all boast a different theme: Spanish Springs Town Square®, Lake Sumter Landing Market Square®, and Brownwood Paddock Square®. Learn more.

13. Spanish Springs Town Square® was the first town square with an obvious Spanish theme. It’s located off of U.S. Hwy. 27/441 and is still going strong with over 50 retail stores and restaurants!

14. At Lake Sumter Landing Market Square®, more than 70 restaurants and shops can be found throughout. It boasts a Key West theme too!

15. Every Saturday you can find locally grown produce at the farmers market in the Brownwood Paddock Square®. There are over 40 businesses in this western-themed square as well!

16. Daily tours in all 3 town squares are available by trolley.

thicker cta homes for sale in the villages

17. Looking for an easy way to get to know your neighbors or meet new friends? There are plenty of clubs that make socializing a breeze in The Villages, FL too, so you can explore the squares together!

18. There is live music and entertainment every night in all three squares 365 days of the year!

19. Events held at all three squares include the Christmas Tree Lighting Festival, the Fourth of July Celebration, and arts and crafts festivals throughout the year hosted by American Craft Endeavors.

20. You can experience big city entertainment right here in The Villages, Florida, courtesy of the Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center. Artists such as Olivia Newton-John and Tony Bennett have performed at this 32,000 sq. ft. venue.

21. You can actually access most of the businesses in The Villages, Florida by golf cart!

Recreation & Parks

It’s no secret that the active lifestyle offered in The Villages, Florida is what makes it so unique. From leagues to competitions, trails, or simply enjoying the Florida sunshine and good company – your options are endless!


22. With over 1,300 recreational facilities, there’s a lot to do for those who love the active lifestyle!

23. There are over 180 pickleball courts in The Villages, Florida.

24. Over 2,000 organized activities happen every week in The Villages, Florida.

25. There are 85+ swimming pools in The Villages, Florida.

26. There are 25+ parks in The Villages, Florida.

27. There are over 10 softball fields in The Villages, Florida where almost 5,000 games are played a year!

the villages florida homes for sale

28. The Villages, Florida pools are actually broken down into three different types: sport pools, adult pools, and family pools.

29. Residents can enjoy a variety of options from card groups, fitness classes, billiards, archery, cornhole, lake sports, tennis, and more!

30. Guided fishing, kayaking and nature tours are offered to guests and residents.

31. The Villages Senior Games are offered every year in the spring and features over 150 events in 29 sports. Past year’s registration for these games has hit over 1,900 athletes competing.

32. Polo has been around for almost two decades in The Villages, Florida. The stadium encompasses a full bar, souvenir shop, a generously sized tailgating area, and is fully accessible by golf cart!

33. There is a semi-professional soccer team based in The Villages, Florida called The Villages SC a.k.a. the Buffalo!


America may disagree on its favorite pastime, but with The Villages, Florida many can agree on their top choice – golf. It’s not just a game here, it’s a way of life!

golf in the villages florida

34. It’s the largest single golf community with over 640 holes!

35. Almost 3 million rounds of golf were played last year by residents!

36. A favorite pastime is customizing golf carts to be themed or look like vintage cars.

37. The golf courses include championship (10+) and executive courses (38+)! Learn more.

38. Golf is not just a sport in The Villages, Florida it’s a lifestyle as there are over 90 miles of golf carts paths throughout the community!

39. Improve your golf game as there is an academy available for all levels and ages of play!

40. The Villages, Florida features golf courses designed by both Arnold Palmer and Nancey Lopez!

41. There’s rumored to be more than 60,000 golf carts gliding around The Villages, Florida – no wonder there’s service stations throughout solely devoted to golf carts!

the village florida golf cart station

42. The Hacienda Hills Country Club was the 2nd championship course to open in 1990.

43. The Orange Blossom Hills Country Club is the oldest country club in The Villages, Florida. It opened in 1985.

44. Along with their casually elegant “Legacy Restaurant,” the Nancy Lopez Country Club also has a poolside “Legacy Bar & Grill” right across the street.

45. You could play 18 rounds of golf every day for a month straight and still not make it to every single hole in The Villages, Florida!

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An important component of any great community are the people, and The Villages, Florida residents are a diverse group!

lake sumter landing the villages florida

46. According to recent surveys, the estimated population is 125,000.

47. The Villages, Florida has experienced over a 50% increase in population since 2010.

48. The population of The Villages, Florida grows by about 4,500 per year.

49. Residents sometimes refer to themselves as “Villagers®.” Learn more.

50. According to the Census Bureau, the ratio to men and women is 1:1.

51. According to the Census Bureau, there are over 19,000 veterans in The Villages, Florida – making The Villages, Florida currently tied at 8th for overall MSA’s (Metropolitan Statistical Area) total population. Learn more.

52. The median age for women is 67.7 and for males 67, according to the 2017 Census Bureau – making the overall median age 67.4.

53. The percentage of married residents, age 55 and up, in The Villages, Florida is 74% - that’s the highest percentage of any MSAs in the U.S according to the most recent Census Bureau.

54. 71% of residents in The Villages, Florida area fall into the Active Adult category, according to the latest census bureau from 2017.

Homes for Sale & Real Estate

Homes for sale and Real Estate in The Villages, Florida are some of the most sought-after in the Central Florida area. With a variety of options and plenty more of new developments coming in the works – you are sure to find something that piques your interest in this growing retirement community!


55. The estimated median home for sale value is $269,000.

56. There has been over a 7% increase in home value in the last year.

57. The estimated median home age is 12 years.

58. It’s estimated that 96% of residents own their own home.

59. It's estimated that 4% of residents rent.

60. Being this community is located in the Sunshine State, this might not come as a surprise that on average, The Villages, Florida gets 98 days of full sunshine per year!

the villages florida homes for sale

61. Falling right in line with #60 and for those looking for warmer weather, on average, The Villages, Florida gets 0 days of snow per year!

62. The Villages, Florida is approximately 57 ft. above sea level.

63. It’s estimated that 60,000+ households make up The Villages, Florida.

64. There are multiple design series of homes in The Villages, Florida.

65. The types of Real Estate that can be found within The Villages, Florida ranges from bungalows, condos, townhomes, single-family to luxury homes.

66. There are 70+ villages in The Villages, Florida.

67. Neighborhoods in The Villages, Florida are referred to as villages.

68. The Village of Duval® is the largest village in The Villages, Florida with 1550 homes.

69. For a community to be labeled a 55+ community at least 80% of the occupied units must be occupied by at least one person 55 years of age or older.

70. The Villages, Florida is the largest retirement community in the world!

Centrally Located

Though you can find all you need and plenty to do right at home in The Villages, Florida, sometimes you might be ready to explore and take a little road trip! The community’s location makes that easy. From the Florida coasts to attractions and travel, there are 1000s of things to see and do all within a 100-mile radius!

villages fl golf course

71. To either coast of Florida from The Villages, Florida is less than 100 miles.

72. The Villages, Florida actually spans into THREE counties – Lake, Marion, and Sumter County – and has three zip code: 32159, 32162, 32163

73. Orlando, Florida is a little over an hour from The Villages, Florida (57.8 miles).

74. The Villages, Florida is about 70 miles from Dayton Beach, Florida – the “world’s most famous beach” where you can drive your vehicle on the beach. You even pass Daytona’s International Speedway on the way to the beach!

75. Crystal River, Florida is one of the few places where you can swim with manatees is only about an hour (42.1 miles) from The Villages, Florida.

76. Florida’s famous Citrus Tower in Clermont, Florida is a little under an hour (36.4) from The Villages, Florida. Learn more.

77. The award-winning downtown of DeLand, Florida is approximately a 1 hour and 14 minutes (52.8 miles) from The Villages, Florida. You can visit the top-ranking school of Stetson University while you’re there too!

78. The charming and historic Mount Dora, Florida area is only about 50 minutes up the road from The Villages, Florida. Learn more.

79. St. Augustine, Florida is right under 100 miles from The Villages, Florida – making this a day trip away from this historic location to see this nation’s first enduring settlement!

thicker cta homes for sale in the villages

80. America’s Seaplane City, Tavares, Florida, is about 40 minutes away from The Villages, Florida via US-441.

81. Multiple businesses throughout The Villages, Florida area offer residents discounts and additional benefits to a variety of Florida attractions.

82. Travel has been made easy with community transportation to places like the airport, around Florida, and beyond!

83. Ranked as one of the top 10 fastest growing metropolitan statistical areas, The Villages, Florida seems to be unstoppable in popularity!

84. The Orlando International Airport (MCO) is about 70 miles from The Villages, Florida. There are other nearby airports as well that supply a variety of air transportation needs including Leesburg International Airport (LEE), Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB), and Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV).

More Fun Facts

From the beginning, the evolution and growth of The Villages, Florida has been very strong.


85. The Villages, Florida community has been labeled “Florida’s Friendliest Hometown®” and even “Walt Disney World®” for retirees.

86. A “charming boutique hotel” is available in The Villages, Florida. The Waterfront Inn sits right on Lake Sumter and has been serving guests for over 100 years!

87. Options for visiting quests are available as well and may vary depending on the location.

88. Camp Villages provides activities for visiting grandkids! From water sports to arts and crafts - there’s fun for all ages to enjoy and do together!

89. The Villages, Florida is home to a public charter school as well  – The Villages Charter School.

90. World Class Health Care Options are available in The Villages, Florida.

91. Medical facilities within The Villages, Florida include a hospital and a VA medical clinic.

92. There are many options to get involved with community service whether you’re looking to give back to our military families, help animals in need, or much more!

ERA Grizzard in The Villages, FL

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93. We have over 100 blogs post on The Villages, Florida and surrounding areas.

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95. We have 50+ agents serving The Villages, Florida area!

96. Our office in The Villages, Florida area opened in 1999.

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98. We are the #1 Real Estate company in Lake, Sumter, and Marion counties!

99. Our agents serving The Villages, Florida are backed by a brokerage that is ranked in the top 1% of Real Estate companies in the nation.

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*These stats were pulled from NARRPR on March 2019 and reflects homes for sale listed on MFRMLS, along with the US Census and various information sources. Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed and subject to change.

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