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Posted by The Real Estate Reporter on Jan 24, 2018 11:54:48 AM

Best Place to Live: What's Attracting Residents to Tavares, FL Real Estate?

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Surrounded by scenic lakes, parks, and opportunities for outdoor activities, Tavares, Florida has been a hub of Central Florida since the picturesque town made a push to become the state capital more than a century ago.

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Although Tavares ultimately settled for being the longtime county seat of Lake County, the modern town can be as relaxing or as invigorating as a resident would like it to be - making it an ideal spot for everyone from young professionals to the 55+ community.

Featuring hot spots like the locally famous Downtown Waterfront Entertainment District and a variety of Tavares Real Estate options, let's take a closer look at why so many are seeking homes for sale in Tavares, Florida, also known as "America's Seaplane City." 

Access to Waterways + Top Recreation

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What originally made Tavares special was its ease of water travel, as connections through the Ocklawaha and St. Johns Rivers allowed access all the way to the Atlantic Ocean – a tremendous advantage for Central Florida in the 19th century.

Today, the region's roots have flourished into the heartbeat of the town as boating, fishing, and outdoor adventures are central to the spirit of Tavares. In fact, one of the very best ways to get a full glimpse of Tavares is to hop on a seaplane from a local air base, giving you breathtaking views of the local lakes and an assortment of different day trip options.

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A main base for seaplane operation is in Wooton Park, a sprawling local hangout that overlooks Lake Dora and sits just a block away from Main Street in the heart of town. With a playground, a splash pad, and a variety of water-based activities, Wooton Park is an ideal spot for a family picnic or a visually stunning place for a daily lakeside stroll.

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Other well-rated parks in the area include the dog-friendly Lake Idamere Park – particularly known for catching a sunrise – and the Dora Canal-hugging Summerall Park that provides a great place for either a boat launch or a well-shaded afternoon hangout.

Today, more than 130 years since the Dora Canal (then known as the Elfin River) was widened by Tavares founder Alexander St. Claire Abrams to allow steamboats, the local waterways remain an essential and loved part of the town for both transportation and leisure.

Recreation by Day + Entertainment by Night

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While there is certainly no shortage of outdoor activities during the daytime, the Tavares Waterfront Entertainment District is the perfect nightcap thanks to its variety of restaurants, pubs, and bakeries.

Some of the tried and tested favorites in the area include O'Keefe Irish Pub & Restaurant, Tiki West, Buster Tubbs, and more, making for an energetic atmosphere that makes the area a natural gathering place among locals. The district also puts together a variety of popular community-based events throughout the year, such as the growing Rocktoberfest.

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In addition to the diversity of dining options in the area, places like the Tavares Theater have also added to the entertainment possibilities in town with its range of performances and programs. With teen programs and open auditions for locals looking to try their talents at the theater, Tavares Theater has quickly turned into a beloved local meet up that taps directly into the community.

The town also has a few popular local golf courses, as well as very easy access to a wide variety of other courses in the neighboring regions, attracting many golf enthusiasts to keep their clubs handy when living in Tavares.

Real Estate Opportunities 

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Whether you're looking for a bit of southern charm or a more modern home with access to one of the area's pristine waterfronts, the spread of Real Estate options gives you many ways to own a slice of Tavares.

There are also homes featuring ranch or colonial styles that showcase some of the traditional housing roots of the area.

Plenty of newer options have sprung up in Tavares as well, along with loved lakefront homes for those looking to fully embrace the waterfront that helps make this community so popular.

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