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Posted by Heather Colby on Jun 22, 2017 1:12:00 PM
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99 Video Ideas for Real Estate Marketing

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You will never run out of ideas if you start incorporating video into your Real Estate marketing strategy. Bold claim?

No. It’s entirely true and possible! To prove it, I’ve started you off with 99 ideas to get your wheels spinning and cameras rolling: 

Community and Neighborhood

  1. Rank your favorite neighborhoods by amenities. Example – “The top 3 neighborhoods in Orlando for resort style community pools”
  1. Film a “What’s the Difference” video on 2 similar neighborhoods or sides of town that people are often deciding between
  1. Choose 3 areas with less than 20 minute commutes to a downtown area or popular work space and highlight those areas for commuters. Bonus points if the neighborhoods are by a popular public transport option! 
  1. Give your two-cents on any upcoming developments of city projects set to affect an area
  1. Snap a video on the green and highlight a neighborhood famous for its golf course 
  1. Film a general video overview of one neighborhood featuring the home prices and styles, amenities, the neighborhood’s market conditions, etc.
  1. Film a fun video on buying a home with your dog and the most dog friendly areas to live. Lunch alfresco with Fido anyone?
  1. Ask for submissions for yard of the month in an area you’re farming and film a video announcing the top 3 winners
  1. Get out, get moving – cycling, walking, blading! – and share the best trails and neighborhoods for outdoor adventurers 
  1. Film an overview of the most walkable neighborhoods in an area
  1. Go over your 5 top reasons that draw people to living in a certain neighborhood or area
  1. Get with your local school officials and see if you can interview them about a local school
  1. Shoot a quick overview of the nearby shopping, dining, and hotspots near a neighborhood 
  1. Spotlight a local organization that is doing great work in your community
  1. Share tips or information that a new buyer would find helpful. You could briefly go over when the trash day is, what days you can water your lawn, that there’s a neighborhood Facebook group (If there isn’t one, you should start it!), etc

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  1. Get personal and share what you love about living in an area
  1. Interview a local business or restaurant for cross-marketing potential
  1. Share the amenities of a neighborhood you’re working in. Extra points if you participate in what they offer by golfing, walking a trail, or putting your feet in the Olympic size pool
  1. Interview your local Economic Development Commission on the efforts their doing to improve the area’s economy and how their efforts affect residents.
  1. If there’s an upcoming neighborhood block party or garage sale, be the voice of the community and film a video promoting it. 
  1. Make a video briefly mentioning all of the neighborhoods in a certain school zone. Example - "These 5 neighborhoods are all zoned for XYZ Elementary School" 

careers with ERA Grizzard Real Estate

  1. If a community has assessment fees or a bond, go over what that is
  1. Interview the president of a community’s HOA on the role the HOA plays in the community. 

Website or Leads 

  1. Create a “new lead” video email that is purposefully geared towards introducing yourself to your different types of internet leads 
  1. Take a look at your website and see if you can turn any of the content into videos to include at the top of the page. Keep those keywords on the page for SEO!
  1. Film a video explaining to a lead/buyer that they’ve been set up with a home search (automated) email. Ask them to inform you of homes they like or if they’d like to to receive different types of homes

Lifestyle Homes and Neighborhoodslakefront_real_estate_leesburg_florida.jpg

  1. Film a video geared towards the best neighborhoods for a specific quality a buyer might be looking for – think the best neighborhoods for Active Adults, areas known for equestrian estates, the best neighborhoods for the 'live, work, play' lifestyle 
  1. Share your best tips for buying lakefront property
  1. Explain the pros and cons of living on different lakes
  1. Get out on a boat and film a quick video on “lake living”
  1. Spotlight a luxury community or listing and demonstrate your unique expertise on luxury homes in an area
  1. Film an overview of the 3 most expensive homes in an area right now for a luxury snapshot. Get permission from the listing agent if those aren’t yours 

New Construction

  1. Give a video tour of each type of model in a home community
  1. Attend a “Parade of Homes” and video your experience of each home
  1. Get with a new construction community and film an exclusive look at the neighborhood
  1. Tour an energy efficient home to show-off the latest in green technology

{We're pleased to offer our ERA Grizzard agents a professional marketing department and video studio to make video marketing a breeze.}

marketing services at ERA Grizzard Real Estate

Videos with Home Tips

  1. Interview a local nursery (or offer advice yourself!) on the best types of plants for curb appeal and easy maintenance
  1. Crafty or creative at home? Film a video series on DIY projects to spruce up your home or easy ideas for decorating 
  1. Share which home improvement projects have the greatest ROI potential 
  1. Share easy ways for people to make their home more energy efficient. Bonus points if you have a NAR Green Designation

Personal Branding & Unique Services

  1. Create a “day in the life of a local” video where you film short segments of what it’s really like to be you, a professional Realtor
  1. Film a 30 second “about me” video that demonstrates your personal branding. View our 7 Steps for Agent Branding Success.
  1. If you’re a team, film a quick overview of what it’s like to work on your team and explain any specific roles people play throughout the transaction 
  1. Create an end of the year video featuring all of the families you’ve helped or homes you’ve sold (could be a slideshow you narrate) 
  1. Share one of your funny Real Estate stories. Just keep it professional and in line with your branding!
  1. Share your favorite Real Estate tech tools that customers would benefit from such as Matterport, virtual staging, TextERA (lead capture for sellers based on text codes on sign riders)
  1. Have a designation? Quickly go over what it is and how it might help a potential buyer or seller

schedule real estate marketing webinar.png

  1. Attend continuing education classes and immediately share your biggest takeaways that home buyers or sellers would want to learn about. This would be great for Facebook Live!
  1. Give a preview of any unique marketing services that you provide your sellers. See 3 impactful ways we make listings stand out at ERA Grizzard. 
  1. Explain how you create a CMA and the factors that influence a home’s pricing
  1. Share 5 reasons why a FSBO could benefit from your unique marketing strategy
  1. Explain the importance of home staging and show before and after photos
  1. Film yourself staging a room of a house for a hyper-speed “before and after” video

For Your Sphere

  1. Film a “happy birthday” video and set it in your CRM to be sent on your customers’ birthdays
  1. Film “holiday videos” and use them in email blasts for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all of the major holidays
  1. Thank your sphere for any referrals
  1. Film a quick reminder about filing for the homestead exemption
  1. Film a 'Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary of owning your home' video to send to past customers
  1. Create a monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly series where you quickly share what’s new with you and ask an engaging question in return 

Your listing or Homes for Sale

HomeTalk on ERA Grizzard Real Estate (1).jpg

  1. Film a quick “teaser” of yourself getting a Matterport 3D tour filmed for a home 
  1. Film a video of your favorite kitchens, outdoor spaces, or any common feature found in 3 homes for sale
  1. Film a less than 30 second video for a “coming soon” listing
  1. Film your 5 favorite features of a home in a listing you have. 
  1. Film a video introduction of a new listing to introduce the professional videography of the home or a photo slideshow
  1. Show a before and after of any work a client does on their home

  2. Promote an upcoming open house with a video invitation to share on social or Facebook Live
  1. Don’t have any listings? Ask permission from other agents to film your 3 favorite homes on the market right now. Let buyers know that you'd be happy to arrange showings for them! 

The Real Estate market

  1. Do a yearly video – “Alexa’s 2017 Overview of the Mount Dora Real Estate Market” - on the current market and how it could affect those thinking about selling or buying 
  1. Go over that month’s Real Estate market conditions or film a video introduction of a narrated market update 
  1. Give advice to buyers on how to handle multiple offer situations or that it might be a strong possibility in your current market
  1. Use the same advice above to film a video for sellers about why now is a good time to sell 

Videos for Home Buyers & Sellers

tammy king megan crevier real estate video .jpeg

  1. Ask a customer if you can film their buyer’s journey and include clips of them from looking at homes to eventually closing on their dream home 
  1. Film a new buyer on what surprised them the most about the home buying process 
  1. Share the 3 biggest regrets buyers often have 
  1. Share the 3 biggest mistakes sellers often make
  1. Ask a buyer if you can film them 90 days after they purchased their home to reflect on their journey and what they love about their home and neighborhood
  1. Explain the importance of putting in an offer quickly on a favorite home in a low-inventory market
  1. Film a video to congratulate a customer that their offer has been accepted 
  1. Film a customer testimonial video
  1. Share the pitfalls of pricing a home too high
  1. Congratulate your buyers or sellers on the purchase of their new home
  1. Hosting a housewarming party for a customer? Film a video invitation
  1. Film a video of the housewarming party and ask friends of the customer to share their well wishes or words of wisdom about being home owners
  1. Explain what a home warranty is and why might a seller want to offer one
  1. Interview your brokerage’s Marketing or Relocation Departments to demonstrate how their support or how a specific service helps your buyers or sellers 
  1. Cover ways that sellers can make their homes more desirable when on the market
  1. Share your insight to sellers on what home buyers are looking for in a home right now (think open floor plans, gourmet kitchens). This could work for sellers you are actively working with or as a prospecting tool.
  1. Have a moment or mishap during a transaction that would be a great learning tool for another buyer or seller? Share what can be learned but not the personal details!

The Process & General Topics

  1. Quickly go over the steps of the home buying process as an overview. Bonus – make multiple videos for a series! 
  1. Share you best tips on what to expect during the selling process or an overview
  1. Go over some of the costs associated with buying a home
  1. Share the difference between pre-approval and pre-qualification and why it matters 
  1. Take a glossary of Real Estate terms and film mini-videos on what each concept or term is
  1. Interview your favorite home inspector about the home inspection process
  1. Interview a title company
  1. Interview a mortgage broker on how to start the home buying process
  1. Interview a mortgage broker or financial advisor on tips for saving to buy a home
  1. Interview a mortgage broker on the different loans available and how to qualify for FHA, VA, ect.
  1. Interview a home appraiser on how they determine home valuation

I promise, this list can keep growing. Get creative and simply press record! 

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