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Posted by The Real Estate Reporter on May 9, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Avoid Surprises when Renting a Home with 3 Simple Tips


Whether you’re renting or buying a home, making a move is a BIG decision.

You need to consider not only the neighborhood but also your own personal finances. A home may appear perfect, but utilities could run high or it might not be in the school zone you were expecting.

Don’t be surprised.

Prepare yourself for renting a home by following these three simple tips from our Property Management Team-

Research The Home and Area 


“Do your homework. Just like buying a house, a renter needs to have the facts on the home and neighborhood. You can call the utility department to get the last twelve months utility bills and call the police department and get the crime rate. If an HOA is involved in the neighborhood, you need to make sure you want to abide by the rules.” - Diane SchlosserProperty Manager with of ERA Grizzard's Property Management team. 

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Examine Your Finances


“Don’t rent above what you can afford. I would recommend having a household income of at least 3x what the monthly rent is. This way your whole experience with renting is smooth, and there is never an issue.” - Shelley AndersonProperty Manager with ERA Grizzard's Property Management team. 

Save Money as a Seasonal Renter


“If you rent for under six months, you have to pay an additional 11% tax per month. If you rent for six months and a day, you do not have to pay tax on the rent.” - Ron Ricketts, Property Manager with ERA Grizzard's Property Management team. 

Make your next move an easy transition. Be sure you do your research before choosing a home for rent!

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