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Posted by Lisa Marie Ponder on Jun 9, 2022 12:31:00 PM

Our 10 Favorite Real Estate Marketing Services that Fuel Success

Modern real estate marketing is a mix of innovation, tried and true techniques and an individualized approach to agent support that fuels success.

Here at ERA Grizzard, we’re taking agent marketing to a whole new level by providing our agents with industry-leading marketing services that they can implement to grow their businesses.

Here’s an inside peek at our 10 favorite services that we’re proud to offer all of our agents -


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1.Top Agent Websites

We believe you deserve to stand out online! We’re making it easy for agents to create an online presence by bringing our award-winning website design (ranked 2nd best designed in the nation by Real Trends!) to our all new agent websites. Show of your personality and local expertise with ease to capture leads and grow your business through your robust CRM.

2. Virtual Reality: Matterport & Showoff 

Engage people on your site and online with 3D and VR experiences. We’re proud to offer the power of Matterport to our agents with our complimentary(!) Matterport camera. Check it out to help you promote your listings and attract new buyers and sellers.

Don’t love that flooring? No problem. Switch it out easily with our virtual staging tool.

3. “Spotlight Homes” Articles 

There’s a reason we’re all glued to those home network shows! We leverage the magic of storytelling through our “Spotlight Home” series. These home articles feature your listing in a whole new light. They are promoted all over social media and sent to our extensive database, earning you more views and opportunities from your listing.

4. Automated Newsletters - Branded to You!

Speaking of databases - how are you staying connected to your leads and sphere? Imagine sending out a high-quality newsletter every month that’s jam-packed with the local info people actually care about. We do this for you with our monthly newsletters that are branded on your behalf and sent automatically. Easy, consistency that works!

5. Social Media  

It’s important to continue the conversation where everyone is - on social. We make this achievable with our engaging content. We’ve seen the positive impact of content marketing for years and every day we have something new for you to share on social media. I promise it’s not that boring, “how to clean your house” vanilla junk! It’s what’s going on in our communities, in and out of real estate. Here's an article on 5 things every real estate agent should be doing on social media to get you started!

We're passionate about agent careers

6. Video Studio Services  

One of our favorite things to share on social is a professional video, and you can too! We have a full-service video studio that you can book and use. We’ll help you tailor your message for results, edit it so you look your best, and help you promote it so you can start seeing quantifiable results from your videos. Check out this example from one of our Realtors in the Orlando market.

7. Traditional & Print Collateral   

We, also, realize the importance of our favorite, traditional marketing materials. If you’re looking for it in print, we’ve got it! We offer tons of templates to help you promote your services and explain your value proposition. One of our favorite pieces is our “Welcome Home Magazine.” This is a high-quality, professional magazine that spotlights one home in an editorial light. If you present this magazine at a listing appointment, I wouldn’t want to be the agent that’s interviewed next! Want to create your own but don't know where to start? Read this article on creating a print newsletter in under 30 minutes!

8. Programs from ERA®  

The ERA in front of our name has some wonderful advantages as well! We have industry-leading programs that will help you generate more business. From our RealSure program that provides sellers with peace of mind, to our relocation and military member benefits, there’s a program that’s right for you to help you grow your business - while providing that "special touch" that makes you unforgettable.

9. Our App - The HUB  

We might have noticed we have a lot! To help make it easy to access all of those great resources, learn new skills, get instant support and access to marketing materials, we are obsessed with our HUB. It’s our app for everything and anything you’re looking for! Learn more about why you need the HUB.

10. Your Award Winning Marketing Department

Here to help you implement it all, we have an award-winning, professional marketing department! Our department has been featured on Inman news, Real Trends, Florida Realtors, and at national conferences for our expertise. We’re excited to work with our agents to implement what we offer and continually create new strategies as well. Check out our Marketing Roundtables.

So, if you’re an ERA Grizzard agent and something peaked your interest, get with us in Marketing!

If you’re not an ERA Grizzard agent, what are you waiting for! Contact us to request a careers consultation. Or email us directly, and we'll connect you with one of our talented Director of Sales - marketing@eragrizzard.com. We’d love to share with you what we offer not just in marketing, but in training, and support so you can reach those goals & live the life you want.


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