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Posted by The Real Estate Reporter on Jul 24, 2017 12:43:41 PM

How Leesburg, Florida is Home to Rich Arts & Culture

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Found alongside the beautiful shores of Lake Harris and Lake Griffin, Leesburg's scenic setting is a picturesque backdrop to the deep-rooted heritage of arts and culture that the community is known and loved for.

Home to many festivals, street markets, craft shows, and a thriving art center, the community's culture helps make homes for sale in Leesburg, Florida, even more sought-after.

Let's take a closer look to see just how vibrant this 'Lakefront City' is:

The Artistic Past

Downtown Leesburg Mural_Leesburg Center for the arts

Leesburg's current culture-rich community can be credited mainly to four remarkable women: Frances Thompson, Anna James, Eleanor Burton, and Laura Crowl. Together, these forward-thinking women arrived in 1956 with a shared love for the arts and founded the Leesburg Art League. They began hosting regular meetings at the Melon Patch Theatre - a community-based hotspot still loved today for its performing arts venue.  

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By April 1957, they hosted the town’s first art exhibit, and the organization continued to expand. As a way to raise money to create a building dedicated to the arts, the original members began selling art to put towards their cause. This effort led to a grant being awarded to the organization by the City of Leesburg to construct a building dedicated to cultural arts.  

The Arts Today 


Today, the work of those original members of the Leesburg Art League, which lead to the building of The Leesburg Cultural Arts Center, has transformed into what is now the Leesburg Center for the Arts – the hub of this town’s commitment to artistic expression and cultivation.

Leesburg Center for the Arts

The center acts as a central location for talented artists, artisans, musicians, and appreciative audiences. Its primary focus is to provide art education, awareness, and create opportunities for artists and creatives throughout the area and inspire the community through art and culture. The center also hosts weekly events like 'Open Studio Friday’s,' or 'Coffee & Convos,' various artist demos, workshops, exhibits, and many other yearly festivals as well. 

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The artistic festivals in Leesburg are some of the most beloved town events throughout the year. For example, the annual 'Leesburg Art Festival' is a 2-day event, showcasing over 60 artists from throughout Central Florida and the Southeast. 'The Night Market' occurs on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month in Downtown Leesburg and features local artisans, crafters, and even musicians displaying some of their best pieces for all to see. 

Downtown Leesburg Mural_Chicago Fire Brewery and Tap Room

In 2017, the “Mural Arts Program” was established in Leesburg: a public initiative to inspire artists, businesses, and locals to ‘uplift their neighborhoods’ through mural art. This initiative embraces the power of public art and encourages Leesburg to further embrace the artistic culture in their unique community.

Several murals can be seen throughout the town, and many other mural expression projects are still in the works!

A Rich Heritage

leesburg, fl rich history

Beyond Leesburg’s enthusiasm for art and music, the community also takes pride in its rich history. In November 2016, The Leesburg Heritage Society celebrated its 40th Anniversary. The society is responsible for the creation and upkeep of the Leesburg Heritage Museum, which contains various exhibits depicting Leesburg's history and is located in a historic building itself, built-in 1922 by the Leesburg Woman's Club.

The holistic participation by so many residents of the Leesburg community, from festivals to initiatives such as the Mural Arts Program, makes this community such a unique and vibrant place to call home.

Calling Leesburg Home

Leesburg, Florida

Thanks to Leesburg's unique atmosphere, residents are proud to call their beloved community home while more are drawn to live in the area each day. From beautiful lakefront homes and historic downtown bungalows to acreage and even Active Adult communities, the home types offered throughout are just as diverse as the arts and culture. 

Many options can be found conveniently located to all the artistic town has to offer and more. With its wide Real Estate variety and such a cultivated community to provide residents with, 'The Lakefront City' of Leesburg may just be your perfect place to call home. Explore more of Leesburg, FL here.

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