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Posted by The Real Estate Reporter on Aug 24, 2020 1:54:25 PM

ERA Grizzard's 'Real Coaching' Creating Business Growth for Agents

ERA Grizzard is proud to announce the results of their 12-week real coaching program focused on specific agent needs to grow their business and exceed their unique personal goals.
ERA Grizzard Real Coaching
Recently, 15 ERA Grizzard agents completed the 12 week coaching program, resulting in a total of 32 listings, 79 pendings, and 52 closings total.
From increased production and organizing team dynamics, mindset shifts, to fine-tuning system and strategies and meeting personal breakthroughs to better their business, ERA Grizzard REALTORS®®️ who have participated in the program are seeing real success.

About the Progam

The ERA Grizzard Coaching program is a service for ERA Grizzard agents, and boasts the brokerage's philosophy that each agent's needs and businesses are different. Through a variety of tools, strategies, and coaching techniques over 12 weeks, each agent in the program finds the route that best suits them in meeting their business goals and bettering their career and life balance overall.
Each agent who recently completed the coaching program yielded impressive results that directly impacted their businesses from increased production to streamlining processes, implementing strategies to work smarter, and provide more free-time for what matters most to them personally. 
We're passionate about agent careers

Hear from our agent's first-hand about their experience with the program: 

From our Agents

Kristi Brown headshot"I was lucky enough to be a part of the 12 week coaching program with Beverley Hibbert, Director of Sales. The coaching program held me accountable, consistent, and I was able to see my progress with the activity tracker. I looked forward to meeting with Beverley weekly to discuss my business, to follow up, and new ideas. I am thankful for the support and would recommend the program to anyone who is interested in growing their business." - Kristi Brown, REALTOR® with ERA Grizzard in DeLand, Florida
Hear from Lisa Carter, REALTOR® with ERA Grizzard in Mount Dora, on how Real Coaching has been 'invaluable' for her as she's taken her career from 1 transaction earlier in the year to just over $1 Million in transactions closed in the month of August. Watch Video Testimonial:


Antonio Rosado"The Real Coaching program lived up to its name; REAL! I have paid for so many different programs that focus so much on a system. This program really felt custom to me. My needs went beyond hitting numbers and producing. The mindset and balance that comes from leveraging resources already at my disposal is what I needed and did not know it! The small wins inspired me to set higher goals. Higher goals led to an increase in productivity. And, the best part of it all is that I am doing it with a healthy mindset because of the work/life balance we established along the way. This program was definitely a boost in a healthy, productive direction." - Antonio Rosado, REALTOR® with ERA Grizzard in Orlando, Florida
jean graham"At first, the idea of a 12 week coaching session was unappealing.  I was so wrong! The weeks flew by and the strategies that were put in place were simple and effective. Beverley, Director of Sales, helped me learn to be consistent - my biggest obstacle. Now, the guess work is gone, the plan of action makes sense & works for me." - Jean Graham, REALTOR® with ERA Grizzard in DeLand, Florida.
Jeanne Sutton headshot“Although I have been in the practice for some 25 years, have experienced multiple cycles in the industry, have had lots of highs and lows, I can testify that the accountability factor of the Real Coaching encounter has probably been the most valuable essential activity for staying on track. Lisa, my friend and mentor, compassionately taught me the value of my work, boosted my confidence and encouraged me to "step up" boldly to obstacles and distractions.” - Jeanne Sutton, REALTOR® with ERA Grizzard in Mount Dora, Florida
Nivna B"Chris, my Director of Sales, challenged me to really learn KV Core and to start organizing my day... the light bulb clicked. This awesome program was created to truly set me up for success. Chris challenged me to create a marketing piece from my KV core for two of my listings... I would wake up daily to about 10 leads. As soon as the ad ended, I had offers on both properties. Going through this coaching made me open my mind to being more than just an average agent." - Nivia Baijnath, REALTOR® with ERA Grizzard in Clermont, Florida
Hear from Daniel Smith, REALTOR® with ERA Grizzard in Dr. Phillips, whose business was at standstill before Real Coaching where Ambre Guest, Director of Sales, helped turned his production around. Watch Video Testimonial:

Linda Lee headshot"During the 12 weeks, I felt that extra little push to follow the Ninja Steps, reach out to my sphere and be more proactive in keeping my calendar and preparing for the week. The accountability of the coaching kept me on task and helped me put my systems in place. Coaching was truly a blessing for me." - Linda Lee, REALTOR® with ERA Grizzard in DeLand, Florida

The Results

Our agents achieved the specific result that would best propel their business forward. Some agents implemented new marketing campaigns utilizing their kvCORE system through ERA Grizzard, while others were consistent in practicing the Ninja principals embodied by the company for creating meaningful relationships with their customers.
Some agents created calendars for staying organized within their business strategies, implemented internal ERA Grizzard postcard campaigns to stay in touch with their sphere, launched YouTube channels, or established a niche market. Overall, the agents grew their businesses while also implementing practices to make meeting their goals easier and more achievable. Additionally, these agents have added tangible systems and habits that will allow them to continue to propel their businesses forward and grow their careers and expertise in their respective markets. 
If you're interested in implementing the right strategies and systems for you in your unique business, learn more about the ERA Grizzard Real Coaching we're proud to offer our agents:

Reach out to us here to sign up for our coaching program or for more information: 


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