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Posted by The Real Estate Reporter on Sep 25, 2022 9:27:00 AM

Useful Resources for Hurricane Prep


With hurricanes constantly approaching Florida, here is a list of helpful resources as you prepare for the storms to come. 

Florida Hurricane Prep

It's important to not only take a look at your hurricane supplies but also all of the documents for your home as well. Here's some quick links to some valuable resources all in one place: 

Your Emergency Kit

You'll want to begin gathering all of your important documents and and emergency items you may not have thought of!

Hurricane Prep Checklist - view the full list

Here's a list of things to remember...

Your Sandbag & Shelter Locations

If flooding is a possibility where you live, you may want to grab a few sandbags. Also, in case of an emergency, it's best to know where the local shelters are. Here are a few links with the locations in your area:

Your Supply List

This wonderful resource provides a customized supply list and 'storm plan' for you and your household after a short quiz. It even tells you what steps you should take for your pets: http://bit.ly/CustomStormPlan

Stay up to date

- Know the latest on the storm by keeping up with the National Hurricane Center

- See  Florida School Closure Information Here.

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