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Posted by The Real Estate Reporter on Mar 3, 2020 4:41:21 PM

Clermont FL's Citrus Tower: A Historic Past to a Local Favorite


Standing tall over the busy highways of Clermont, Florida is the historic Citrus Tower. This vintage roadside attraction not only serves as a beacon to tourists but also as an iconic source of community pride.

Unique and timeless, the Citrus Tower has a significant place in Florida's history and for Clermont's future. Here's the story behind the loved landmark and the significance it holds for the city of Clermont: 

The Story of the Tower

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The Citrus Tower is one of Florida's first tourist attractions and predates Walt Disney World. Tourists to the Orlando area during this time had few choices: Cypress Gardens, Silver Springs, Gatorland, and the Citrus Tower.

The tower provided an encompassing view of the hundreds of thousands of citrus trees and of the beautiful lakes surrounding the area. In fact, during the peak of the citrus industry, Lake County, Florida produced more citrus than the entire state of California. Visitors today can view historic photographs that capture the scenic beauty of this time in Florida's agricultural history.

About the Tower

The tower stands 226 feet in the air and is more than 500 feet above sea level and was built on one of the highest hills in the central Florida region. Its solid construction, along with regular maintenance, keep the tower standing tall and welcoming visitors to this day. 

The tower stands north of the intersection of State Road 50 and U.S. 27 in Clermont. When the tower was built in 1956, U.S. 27 served as a major route through Central Florida and was a convenient stop for travelers - a contributing factor to the growing Florida tourism industry.

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The Tower Over Time

The view from the top of the tower has seen so much over the years. From orange groves to commercial and residential development - the Clermont area has grown throughout the years into a thriving Florida community that many residents love to call home.

The tower is no exception when it comes to helping keep Clermont thriving, serving as a community gathering place while still holding on to its historical charm. Today, it continues to bring so much to the area including a variety of partnerships, events, and ideas to help provide the best experience for local residents and visitors. 

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What it Offers Residents Today

This iconic Florida landmark offers residents a breathtaking view from the glass-enclosed observation deck. Visitors can see 35 miles in any direction, depending upon weather conditions. The observation deck offers free WiFi too! There is an admission fee for riding the elevator to the top—the equivalent of 22 stories—however, once you get there, the view is priceless. A tower membership is available and provides lots of additional perks and discounts as well. 

Through partnerships of surrounding businesses, the Citrus Tower fun offers comes in a variety of different forms. Enjoy a fresh roasted coffee while you tour the tower or explore the retro video arcade that even has a bar and lounge area! The tower also holds a variety of events throughout the year including community art contests, holiday events, and more. Check out all the information on visiting the Citrus Tower on their website here!

A Remnant of Historical Charm

The Citrus Tower is remnant of the historic charm of early travel and is still a popular Clermont tourist attraction. It represents the importance of the Florida citrus industry and it provides an eagle-eye view of modern-day Clermont.

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The charm is just part of what makes Clermont an attractive place to live. The community offers venues for the performing arts and plenty of recreational activities, like boating, walking trails, events, and programs for seniors - all just part of what makes this community an attractive place to live.

Looking to make Clermont, Florida your home?

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