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Posted by The Real Estate Reporter on Sep 22, 2022 12:59:23 PM

10 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas that Actually Work

The real estate market is officially shifting and in today's climate, it's essential to stay on top of what's going on.  Good thing for you we have done the leg work and research with 10 Real Estate Lead Generation ideas that actually work. Now let's get started! 

1. LevERAge Your Landing Pages

Having custom landing pages with contact forms are a clever and seamless way to convert more online traffic into leads. If you're wondering what a landing page is... It's simply a standalone page on your website that offers something valuable to your users in exchange for contact information. (Making them a super powerful lead generation tool!) 

ERA Grizzard Agent Website Laptop Mockup

Custom landing pages with contact forms are a smart and easy way to convert more online traffic into leads. Don't worry - We've got you covered! Every ERA Grizzard Agent receives their own website with built in landing pages that are designed to attract and convert YOUR leads!

ERA Grizzard provides our team with these pages:

  • Free Home Valuation Tool
  • Free Local Area Market Report
  • Built-in content, specific to your farming area
  • Landing pages for every listing

Want to know more? Check out this article on "5 Web Pages you NEED to Skyrocket Your Leads & Real Estate Marketing."

2. Diversify Your Marketing Efforts

Diversify your marketing effortsDon't put all of your eggs in one basket! Spread your marketing efforts out strategically across multiple platforms/partnerships. Referral business can vary from time to time, leaving you with two choices: either skyrocket or become stagnant. By diversifying your sources, you can track which sources are working for you... an indication of where to invest your time AND what to cut back on. 

Here are a few examples:

3. Brand Yourself!

Personal Branding is essentially a snapshot of your awesomeness. Your statement has to be strong, descriptive, short and catchy at the same time.

Realtors - Brand Yourself!

Let's break it down:

  • Simply put: it's how you promote yourself.
  • A combination of unique identifiers... your skills, experience and a personality that is how you want the world to see you.
  • What sets YOU apart?

ERA Grizzard provides our team with all of the templates, graphics and tools they need to set them up for success! Want to learn more? Click here to schedule a consultation with one of our amazing non-competing brokers!

4. Qualify Your Buyer Leads to Generate Seller Leads

It's easy! To qualify your buyer leads when they come in, start by asking, "Do you have a home to sell?" Remember, today's buyer leads are tomorrow's sellers!

10 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas that Work

5. Use Your Testimonials

Feature testimonials with your happy clients. Between the SocialBoost Automations and Testimonial Templates provided by ERA Grizzard - we make it super simple to share!

Use Your Testimonials to gain more leads through ERA Grizzard

Testimonials are a key factor when individuals are looking for which Realtor® to choose! Featuring happy testimonials from clients can be a key factor when someone is deciding between businesses. Whenever you have a positive experience with a client always make sure to get a testimonial to build your book of business. It's essential to use Search Engine Profiles (google business profile, yelp, yahoo, bing, etc.) with recent and complete testimonials. Also, consider giving some free swag or a gift card if you're having trouble soliciting reviews and testimonials.

6. Create Home Needed Announcements

Create Home Needed Posts to gain more leads in Real Estate in Central Florida

Direct mail isn't as quick as sending an email and it's not as easy. But if you have a few frustrated buyers that can't find a home on the market, creating a “Hot Buyer” letter is worth it.


The strategy is simple:

  • Write a letter to homeowners who live in the neighborhoods where your buyers are looking to live.
  • Create a social post to share on your page.
  • Create an email campaign and send to your sphere.
  • Be specific in describing who your buyers are and what they're looking for.
  • Encourage these homeowners to contact you if they're interested in selling. 

7. Work Older Expired Listings

Work older expired's to gain more leads with ERA Grizzard Real Estate

When a listing expires in the MLS, the seller receives dozens of calls from agents looking to re-list the home. This can be overwhelming to sellers.

  • Most agents stop calling if the seller does not re-list the home within a few weeks. By then end of six months, the calls are nonexistent.
  • This creates an opportunity for agents willing to do a little homework, because even if the home didn’t sell for whatever reasons, odds are the value has increased dramatically.
  • Search for listings that expired six to 24 months ago... search tax records and MLS to make sure the home was not re-listed or sold since it expired.
Then make a simple call with a script similar to this:

Hi, Mr. or Mrs. Seller, this is (agent name) with ERA Real Estate. I saw you had your house for sale last year, and I was calling to see if you still plan to sell it at some point in the future.”

8. Deliver Ninja Value 

Deliver Ninja Value to gain more leads

Give, give, give…then, sell. The Ninja Selling system is based on the philosophy of building relationships, listening to the customer, and helping them achieve their goals. It is less about selling and more about how to create value for people. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Host Workshops, Seminars, or Webinars
  • Offer Downloadable Guides
  • Create Personalized Market Analysis Videos 
    PRO TIP: Save time and pull stats our monthly Market Update blogs (like this one)  
  • Share YOUR Targeted Landing Pages (Ex: Home Valuation Tool)

Not sure where to start? Check out this blog on our Top 5 Lead Generating Landing Pages

9. Send Unsolicited CMAs

Send unsolicited CMA's to gain more leads through ERA Grizzard Real Estate

Send a personalized (and unsolicited) Market Analysis Report to leads that already exist in your database that might be cold or lukewarm. This shows that YOU are the market expert. Our Agent tools have you covered! Using COREPresent, you can quickly and easily send out beautiful CMA presentations with just a few clicks!

PRO TIP: These have to be personalized to convert! Don't worry - ERA Agents have exclusive access to a tool that pulls YOUR info automatically into the CMA! Click here now to explore COREPresent and how it can help your business. (Note: Log into kvCORE first, then click the link)

Farm Your Neighborhood with ERA Grizzard Real Estate to gain more leads

10. Farm Your Neighborhood

You know your own neighborhood best! Many of your neighbors already know, like, and trust you, so make sure you are not neglecting the opportunities that are literally closest to you! Share market information that appeals to sellers:

  • Houses in this neighborhood are selling for 20%+* more than at this time last year.
  • A house just sold in only 2 days*.
  • A house just sold for $40k* over asking price!
  • A house just sold with multiple offers, and now we have 4* buyers who still want to buy a home in this neighborhood.
  • ASK: Who do you know in this area thinking about moving?

*Replace these example figures with actual market data.

ERA Grizzard Real Estate - Monthly State of the Industry


Attend our Monthly "State of the Industry" Company Wide Meetings for up to date market statistics! Click here to view the calendar

BONUS! Top 3 Agent Advertising tips!!

1. Be Consistent:

Social Media platforms and Google all reward consistency, so try to avoid frequent changes in strategy or taking a break from posting. Allow your campaigns to build momentum before testing out new things!

2. Use Reviews to Generate Business:

Through, Social Boost, your 5-star customer satisfaction survey results are automatically transformed to a social media post on your company's Facebook page - and links back to your agent page. Don't forget to log in to LevERAge and turn this feature on!

3. Be the Market Expert:

Using the information from our monthly "State of the Industry" meetings, you can quickly and easily share it on social! The goal: position yourself as the Expert in Your Market!

ERA Grizzard Real Estate Social Tool Library

PRO TIP: Go to ERA's Social Tool Library and search "Market Watch" for monthly Infographics.

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