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Posted by Megan Crevier on May 11, 2016 9:35:35 AM

Is The Villages' weather affecting Real Estate & homes for sale?


Is The Villages, FL weather affecting its Real Estate and homes for sale?

Of course it is.

In addition to its endless lists of activities, its amazing weather year round is what really makes The Villages, FL one of most popular places to live in Central Florida.

Moving to a 55 Plus Community means you’ll be spending your time doing the things you love, whatever that may be. From golfing to swimming, tennis to bocce ball, even dance and exercise classes. The favorable weather in The Villages, FL allows you to participate in your favorite activities year-round. 

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No need to stay indoors all winter long, throw away that snow shovel - you’ve found paradise!

Here’s a snapshot of weather and the Real Estate in The Villages, Florida all year long - show your friends up North what they’re missing!

Weather in The Villages, FL

The_Villages_Florida_golf_popular_55_plus_community_in_florida.jpgSpring: Enjoy an early morning tee time

Average High: 76 | Average Low: 53
Average Precipitatiion: 4.2 inches

Average High: 81 | Average Low: 58
Average Precipitation: 2.7 inches

Average High: 87 | Average Low: 65
Average Precipitation: 3.3 inches

the_Villages_Florida_the_best_weather_and_homes_for_sale.jpgSummer: Stroll along Lake Sumter Landing

Average High: 90 | Average Low: 71
Average Precipitation: 7.2 inches

Average High: 91 | Average Low: 73
Average Precipitation: 5.9 inches

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Average High: 91 | Average Low: 73
Average Precipitation: 7.1 inches

Lake_Sumter_landing_in_The_Villages_Florida.jpgFall: Enjoy dining with a gorgeous sunset 

Average High: 88 | Average Low: 71
Average Precipitation: 6.1 inches

Average High: 82 | Average Low: 64
Average Precipitation: 2.9 inches

Average High: 76 | Average Low: 55
Average Precipitation: 2.1 inches

The_Villages_Florida_a_best_place_for_Florida_retirement.jpgWinter: Is there really such a thing?

Average High: 69 | Average Low: 48
Average Precipitation: 2.5 inches

Average High: 68 | Average Low: 46
Average Precipitation: 2.9 inches

Average High: 71 | Average Low: 49
Average Precipitation: 2.9 inches

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the villages florida homes for sale

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