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Posted by Heather Colby on Jun 6, 2019 12:30:36 PM
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How We Strategically Advertise Your Home for Sale on Social Media

What's one of the best ways to attract qualified buyers to your home for sale?

If you're anything like us and billions of others, then you're on social media, and so are those potential buyers for your home! 

We're pleased to harness the power of social media advertising with our exclusive Spotlight Homes program. In this program, our award-winning marketing team has perfected the creativity and science of social media advertising. 

Don't miss our quick video for all the details and the benefits for your home sale: 

Watch Video:


Our marketing department has created an impressive following with a robust reach, and we're confident that this social media strategy will give your home a competitive advantage in the market. 

Our team of professional Facebook and Instagram ad experts will attract thousands of additional views to your home, and those views will be targeted to the right buyers. 

So, leverage our marketing team and your ERA Grizzard agent's expertise to ensure your home is seen by the maximum number of buyers.

Make your home a Spotlight Home!

Enroll your home in our
Spotlight Homes Program:


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