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Posted by The Real Estate Reporter on Jul 2, 2020 10:42:20 AM

Explore Things to Do & Lakeside Living in Historic Eustis, Florida

In serene Lake County, you'll find the historically unique lakefront city of Eustis, Florida. Eustis is a quiet and charming town with a vibrant community. It sits alongside beautiful and pristine Lake Eustis, and is known as 'America's Hometown.' 

The downtown area offers a variety of unique establishments, amenities, or fun community events for residents and visitors to enjoy. Several opportunities to explore area parks, preserves, stunning lakeside views, and historical sights are tucked throughout the city and help make it a loved placed to call home.

Let's take a closer look at what makes this lakeside town so popular:

Historical Lakeside Beginnings

lakeside living in eustis, florida

Dating back to the 1870s, Eustis holds a very unique and historical past. Named after Colonel Abraham Eustis, its original was name was actually Pendryville, after early homesteaders that had arrived at its borders. 

Historically, the town of Eustis benefited greatly from the addition of Central Florida railroads. Before that arrived, the area played an integral part in long-distance travel and steamboat shipping - thanks to its star player, Lake Eustis. So much so it eventually led to establishing a commercial corridor on Lake Eustis at Macdonald Avenue's foot. Eustis made a prime location due to the fact it actually can connect to the St. Johns River through various waterways. From Lake Eustis to Haines Creek to Lake Griffin and then to Ocklawaha River that eventually meets up with the St. Johns River.

eustis homes for sale central florida

Once the railways ventured into Central Florida, Eustis propelled into a small city with stores, schools, a bank, a booming citrus industry, boating attractions, and more. The town quickly became known as the "Orange Capital of the World" and excelled in several other areas, including tourism.

Visitors were drawn to Eustis's unique characteristics, adding to its thriving economy. With the help of early emerging transportation and shining area features, Eustis's town has continued to grow beautifully through the years and was incorporated as a city in 1886.

More Than Just Boating

downtown eustis, fl

Boating, shops, parks, and beautiful lakes have brought people to the city for over 100 years, and all true still to this day. Its namesake lake still dominates Eustis, but while it's primarily a lakeside retreat, the city is more than just a boating town. 

Eustis prides itself on being 'America's Hometown' and an arts and culture destination. It hosts events like the second-longest-running Georgefest in the country and its ever-popular First Fridays events. The town is also home to a range of activities from sailing and hiking to attending the local symphony and theater.

The Downtown Waterfront Entertainment District lies at the heart of Eustis and is full of local favorites. Renovations and restorations have been maintained over the years to help continue to provide exciting opportunities, including unique shopping, fine dining, and live entertainment. Residents and visitors alike can stroll the charming brick sidewalks to visit the many local businesses and museums in beautiful historic buildings. All while right across from the crown jewels of the city: Ferran Park and Lake Eustis.

eustis florida

Ferran Park is directly next to Lake Eustis and has been a wonderful host to various occasions including picnics, fishing, concerts, and festivals. Serene walking paths wind through the beautifully landscaped park. Benches and gazebos are laid throughout and provide a relaxing place to sit and enjoy sunsets or sunrises over the lake. Other parks in the area include Bennett Park, Palmetto Point Park, GT Dog Park, and more. 

Additional area attractions like Trout Lake Nature Center are also available for recreation or simply enjoying some fresh air. It consists of 200+ acres of protected land. Visitors can enjoy several trails throughout its lush scenery and experience natural Florida. Eustis's Hidden Waters Preserve and Pine Meadows Conservation Area add even more serene outdoor opportunities as well. 

Lakeside Living

the lakeside town of eustis, fl

Downtown Eustis is charming, full of life, and the prime location for most festivals and attractions, but Lake Eustis is the A-list star of the city. The lake has always shaped its culture and provided its signature lifestyle - lakeside living.

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Lake Eustis stretches four miles wide, five miles long, and is the city's focal point. Stunning houses with their private docks surround most of the lake. But you don't need to own a home on the shore of Lake Eustis to enjoy all the lakeside living Eustis has to offer.

lake eustis waterfront living

For those without direct access to the lake, there are several public areas where people can fish for bass and crappie, like the Eustis Lake Walk—a concrete shoreline walkway where people can also simply enjoy the view. There are several public boat ramps for residents who don't have a private dock as well.

Living directly on the shores of Lake Eustis isn't the only way to enjoy or own a waterfront abode. There are many homes and communities located along canals that connect to the lake, along with smaller lakes scattered throughout the city that can provide more options with gorgeous home settings as well.

Calling Eustis Home

Eustis, FL

Lakeside living is a popular way of life in Eustis and always has been. The first settlement was built next to the lake because the water was the only way early residents could easily transport items. 

Today, Eustis still thrives thanks to its popular lakefront and charming atmosphere. Despite its designation as a city, Eustis's lakeside hometown feeling has never faded. 

It's no wonder so many residents love living in 'America's Hometown' and the lakeside gem of Eustis, Florida.

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