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Posted by The Real Estate Reporter on Nov 17, 2022 4:28:21 PM

Prosper - Agent Wellness Program offered at ERA Grizzard Real Estate

Prosper Wellness Program at ERA Grizzard Real Estate

Introducing Prosper with Team ERA

When you take steps to nourish your mind and body, you’re also taking steps to improve your business. If we take those steps together, the results are nothing less than extraordinary. Prosper with Team ERA aims to provide actionable insights, tools, and pathways to help all of us enrich every aspect of our lives and businesses, together.

What challenges do you face in developing a healthy lifestyle? Let us know so we can cater Prosper content to fit your needs.

Prosper Wellness Program Focus Points

We're Focusing On...

  • Sleep & Recovery
  • Stress Management
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition

Prosper with Team ERA will focus on helping you find balance through mental and physical well-being. We'll be sharing content specific to certain wellness topics and provide you with guidance to prosper in all areas of your life.

To learn more about ERA Grizzard Real Estate and how we can help take your business to the next level click here now.

Mental Health Matters at ERA Grizzard Real Estate

Prioritizing Mental Health:

Taking care of our mental health means nurturing vital parts of our lives that impact our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. 

Through Prosper, we’ll share insights for understanding stress triggers and sleep and recovery patterns. Whether that’s through time management tips, meditation ideas, or wellness challenges, we’re providing the tools to help you prioritize mental health and improve daily functioning. 

Well-Being at ERA Grizzard Real Estate matters

Focusing on Physical Well-Being:

By now, we understand the value of maintaining our physical health, but we also understand that busy schedules often get in the way of supporting our well-being. 

Prosper aims to be a resource to help you focus on exercise and nutrition at your own pace, whether that’s through fitness challenges or sharing healthy recipes. Nurturing your physical health each day will improve your ability to perform everyday activities, such as running a successful business. 

Take Charge of Your Wellness


Join us for curated educational webinars on stress management, nutrition, exercising and sleep by Maria Amren, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Behavioral Change Expert, specializing in mind and body training. Maria is a behavior change specialist with a master in I/O psychology and passion for exercise and nutrition.  

COMING SOON. LIVE WEBINARS, dates to be announced.

Talent Attraction

Email Campaigns at ERA Grizzard Real EstateEmail Campaigns

Prosper with Team ERA is a great way to show your agents and prospective agents that you are invested in their overall wellness. You can access 

Collateral Materials at ERA Grizzard Real EstateCollateral Materials

Download Prosper with Team ERA logos, flyers, and postcards to help in your recruitment campaigns. Go to ERA Brand ID Guide to learn more!

Social Tool at ERA Grizzard Real EstateSocial Tool

Integrate Prosper wellness content into your social media strategy.

Go to Social Tool, Listening tab, select Brand Social Media, and you can find Prosper with Team ERA posts to share on your social channels.  You can also find select wellness posts from the LIBRARY.

Discounted Group Coaching Programs

Try new exercise and nutrition pathways so that you can find what works best for you.

21-Day Healthier Habits Program | $2121-Day Healthier Habits Program at ERA Grizzard Real Estate

21 days of daily motivational emails and habit tracking.


4-Week Challenge at ERA Grizzard Real EstateDecember 4-Week "Maintain Not Gain" Challenge | $97

Access to private Facebook group with daily exercises and habit challenges to make healthier choices over the holiday season.


6-Week Fitness Program at ERA Grizzard Real Estate6-Week Fitness Formula Program | 20% Discount Use Code EraDiscount20

A comprehensive group couching program, which includes meal plans, exercise program, weekly lessons, weekly group coaching, and more.

Want to know how ERA Grizzard Real Estate can help you with your wellness needs? Reach out to 

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