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Posted by Megan Crevier on Mar 22, 2018 5:02:53 PM

How The Villages, FL is Home to Top Health and Wellness for 55+ Living

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Of all the 55-plus communities, The Villages, Florida, might be the most popular. Geographically larger than Manhattan, it is a fast growing Active Adult community known around the world for its lifestyle—and for good reason. 

For its 55 Plus residents, the health and wellness centric activity calendars and events are some of the main draws of the area. The recreation centers, pools, golf courses, sports fields, athletic clubs, and social sports clubs help, keep residents active and healthy. Every week, residents can gather in local squares and centers for dance classes and events, sports tournaments, and friendly games of shuffleboard, horseshoes, badminton, and bocce ball - and these are just a few of the most popular activities! 

Looking to start living the lifestyle in a home for sale in The Villages, Florida? Let's explore the Health and Wellness lifestyle in The Villages, Florida and why it's such a big part of this community's famous lifestyle! 

Recreation and Activity Centers

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There are many different recreation centers located throughout the area—all with their own lists of unique classes, activities, and events. These hotspots are resident favorites for enjoying recreation and staying active. They feature beautiful indoor facilities for events and activities, and many outdoor sports areas for swimming, bocce ball, shuffleboard, tennis, and much more!

Sports teams throughout the area are also popular for staying active. There area so many different sport to play and teams to join to keep moving and meet your neighbors! For example, softball fields in The Villages, FL, are always busy with practices and games between the many teams in the area. No matter what your skill levels, there is a team for you to join. If softball is not your sport, perhaps polo is! The Village Polo Club's first class facilities are a hotspot for polo-loving residents and attracts thousands of spectators every year.

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Swimmers enjoy the many pools located in The Villages, FL - from sports pools with organized water sports and exercise classes to family pools that are perfect for when the grandchildren visit. If you're looking for something in between sports and play, the neighborhood pools are the ideal place to congregate with friends or relax with a good book. 

And last, but certainly not least—golf. Golf is a way of life at The Villages, FL, with over 50 golf courses and country clubs. Take a private or group lesson to sharpen your golf skills and then play to your heart's content! Learn more about golf in The Villages, FL.

Clubs for Staying Active

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The Villages, FL, has thousands of social clubs, many of which are oriented around health and wellness activities. Whether you want to learn new skills or continue to hone talents you've been cultivating for years, The Villages, FL, has a club for you. There are clubs for archery, badminton, karate, bicycle riding, exercise, pickleball, every type of dancing, and much, much more!

Residents can also work-out at one of the many athletic clubs in the area. The MVP Athletic Club is one of the most popular fitness centers in the Village, FL with the latest in training equipment. If you prefer to work out in a group, you can take advantage of the group exercise classes offered each week ranging from yoga to Zumba and everything in between. When you're done exercising, take advantage of the spa services to relax and detox.

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Access to Top Healthcare

The Villages, Florida is home to many medical facilities, offering residents access to top healthcare right in their community! The latest in technology and leading healthcare providers can be found throughout the area. Whether a resident needs emergency or specialty care, they can find the highest level of healthcare convenient to home! 

Medical centers, including The Villages® Regional Hospital, also host a variety of health and wellness workshops for education on staying active and reaching your health goals!

Events and Activities

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The Villages, FL, is known for its ever-changing list of activities and events from scavenger hunts to music festivals, craft lessons, and of course, sports. Take tennis or swim lessons, learn how to play bocce golf, kayak, participate in the annual Pickleball Tournament, or bass fish.

Whatever your interest, The Villages, FL, has an event you'll enjoy that will get you up and active!

Looking to start your active lifestyle?
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